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The Obstacles To Building A Brand

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When you are trying to understand your strengths and your shortcomings, an experienced personal branding coach can help you identify and shatter the self-limiting thoughts. We all are living with such beliefs but we seldom know what they are. These could be something as plain as "I am not sure I am ready to go Live on social platforms" and can also sound something much deeper like "I want my brand to look exactly like that influencer's!". A real professional will be able to pick these signs early on and will help you carve your niche - one day at a time.

Personal branding needs commitment + focus + time + creativity.
A basic 'what should I post today?' can take good 20 min to 60 min of conceptualization
A basic photo click > design > edit can take somewhere between 30 min to 120 min
A grammatically correct, engaging, trending and value-generating piece of accompanying caption can take anywhere between 45 min to 90 min
Response management seamlessly eats up 60 min of time each day

(to understand the following content, check out the post on 4 Stages of Personal Branding)

These are some beginner facts. As you move from the Caterpillar stage to the Winged Adult stage (explained in the infographic I made), you will require content and social media strategy plans across platforms along with top-notch design sense and skills. This is the only way to maintain, engage, and attract a quality fan base.

Experiment, analyze and innovate - This is THE one mantra that you should put down on your wall, your desktop screen, and your phone screen. Do not stick to an idea or a method in the first two stages at least. This is when you should be nimble. A personal brand consultant will advise creative ways to constantly engage the audience. I have been in this space for enough time to tell you that it's no child's play to come up with 'something new' in a world of 130 million Instagram accounts alone!

By the time you reach the Chrysalis stage (see infographic), you will be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you can do. The world of possibilities will open up to you but without a sense of direction and the eye for the right opportunity, you will be chasing chicks on a farm - it's definitely all pretty and cute out there and it is huge enough to tire you out long before you finally catch one.

Most importantly, a professional will marry your skill sets and uniqueness to the trends and asks of the world. Only a great expert truly understands the essence and nerve of each platform and will place you right where you'll flourish. It's all about finding your space.

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